Green cucumber. Fresh and crispy

Young and bold and smart and wispy.

Aim for the heights, see no barriers.

Go up the hill, take over areas.

CUCUMBER—this is a Platform out of context but only for art

CUCUMBER—this is a fresh look at contemporary art that has already become familiar in its intricacy

CUCUMBER—this is always a non-trivial approach to the phenomena under consideration

CUCUMBER—this is a bypass of hierarchical systems

CUCUMBER—this is beyond interpretations and statements, criticism and analysis

CUCUMBER—this is a variety of inspiring stories from the field of visual arts

CUCUMBER—this is the destruction of scheme and patterns on which the modern social order and art are built

CUCUMBER—this is a search for normality in the strange and strangeness in the normal

CUCUMBER—this is audacity and an endless source of inspiration and skills

Cucumber mag is a contemporary art platform. We believe that art and visual culture should be open to all. Our prime mission is to encourage an appreciation and understanding of all types contemporary Visual arts by a wide audience. We support the creative people from all around the world with the basic activity of publishing and promoting.