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Ethereal Reverie of Giovanni Ozzola

In the heart of Paris, nestled within the illustrious walls of GALLERIA CONTINUA, a captivating artistic odyssey awaits. From April 14th to June 14th, 2023, visitors are invited to immerse themselves in the mesmerizing world of Giovanni Ozzola, “For a little while” exhibition, an artist of international acclaim. Born in the enchanting city of Florence in 1982, Ozzola has since carved a unique artistic path, captivating audiences worldwide with his innovative and multidisciplinary creations.

Giovanni Ozzola “For a little while”, exhibition view. GALLERIA CONTINUA, Paris, 2023

Ozzola’s artistic repertoire traverses a vast array of mediums, including photography and video, while also embracing ancient techniques such as slate engraving, sculpture by molding, and the intriguing “strappo” method, historically used to delicately extract frescoes from walls and transfer them onto canvas. His artistic language, a testament to his profound fascination with light and its intricate physical properties, manifests itself in works that beckon viewers into the realms of infinity and introspection, both geographical and metaphysical.

At the core of Ozzola’s artistic practice lies an enchanting dance between light, whether natural or artificial, and darkness. This interplay creates a mesmerizing tension between subject and space, between the here and elsewhere, and between humanity and its surrounding environment. Notably, Ozzola’s oeuvre often features openings and windows, symbolic gateways between inner and outer worlds, encouraging audiences to transcend the limitations of their physical and cultural boundaries and embark on a journey of introspection and exploration.

Giovanni Ozzola “For a little while”, exhibition view. GALLERIA CONTINUA, Paris, 2023

The exhibition’s title, seemingly simple yet profoundly evocative, encapsulates Ozzola’s artistic mission. It is an endeavor to forge ephemeral connections between his works and the spectator, brief moments when visitors become fully immersed in the present, transcending rational thought. Ozzola’s art masterfully crafts these fleeting encounters and impressions, unifying the artist, the artwork, the space, and the observer into a singular entity. It’s an invitation to experience his creations in stolen moments, memories that linger long after leaving the exhibition.

This extraordinary exhibition is a curated collection of Ozzola’s most significant works spanning seven years of his prolific career. It encompasses sculptures, photographs, and installations, leading visitors on a contemplative journey oscillating ceaselessly between interior and exterior, content and container, the universal and the specific, and the physical and the psychic.

Giovanni Ozzola “For a little while”, exhibition view. GALLERIA CONTINUA, Paris, 2023

Stepping into the gallery, visitors find themselves in a space simultaneously enclosed by walls and liberated by picture rails, a paradoxical setting open to experiences and memories. Ozzola invites them to grasp newfound freedoms through his art, freedoms that shatter boundaries and open windows onto infinite possibilities.

A particular highlight of the exhibition is a series of works created using the “strappo” technique. Ozzola employs materials like silicone and metal mesh to capture negative impressions from the walls of various bunkers on Tenerife, where he currently resides. These impressions serve as fragile remnants of humanity, etched onto the walls, poignant vestiges of individuality within the vastness of earth, sea, or sky.

Giovanni Ozzola “For a little while”, exhibition view. GALLERIA CONTINUA, Paris, 2023

A striking triptych, specially crafted for this exhibition, takes center stage in one section of the gallery. This piece hints at signs and memories while inviting viewers towards the light and the horizon, akin to a spiritual awakening. Ozzola’s “Chiocciole” sculptures, featuring long bronze bars adorned with delicate snail shells, grace another segment of the exhibition space, their glistening shells capturing the ambient light with ethereal allure.

In another intriguing creation, titled “Dust, Fear, and Desire,” Ozzola reclaims an antique nautical bell, once used to signal a ship’s presence. Delicately inscribed with the words “fear” and “desire,” this work serves as a poignant reminder of the unchanging essence of human desires and anxieties, even in the passage of time.

Giovanni Ozzola “For a little while”, exhibition view. GALLERIA CONTINUA, Paris, 2023

The exhibition continues its poetic journey with the series of photographs titled “Untitled – Through a Day – A Life.” Here, Ozzola captures varying intensities of light during different times of the day, especially at the convergence of sea and sky. These images offer a lyrical depiction of the passage of time, unveiling a sublime horizon where silent harmony begets vertigo, where viewers surrender to a light they secretly yearn for.

Ozzola’s creations, bereft of conventional narratives, are images engaged in a beautiful conflict. Their delicate equilibrium transports viewers to a sanctuary of solace and consolation, each work serving as a portal to uncharted territories of existence. These windows into the world or the enigmatic other pierce through the two-dimensionality of the photograph, revealing a boundless vastness that defies comprehension.

Giovanni Ozzola “For a little while”, exhibition view. GALLERIA CONTINUA, Paris, 2023

Whether captured in the light of day or the shroud of night, visible or nearly invisible, the horizon remains an elusive enigma, both intimidating and exhilarating. Giovanni Ozzola’s art invites us to contemplate the boundless expanse of existence and the infinite possibilities it holds.

The Parisian exhibition marks another significant chapter in Giovanni Ozzola’s artistic journey, a journey that has seen him featured in solo exhibitions across the globe, from Paris to Beijing, Shanghai to San Gimignano, and beyond. Each exhibition offers a unique glimpse into Ozzola’s ever-evolving exploration of light, space, and the human experience.

Giovanni Ozzola “For a little while”, exhibition view. GALLERIA CONTINUA, Paris, 2023

In conclusion, Giovanni Ozzola’s inaugural exhibition at GALLERIA CONTINUA in Paris is a profound testament to his creative genius. With each work, Ozzola invites us to transcend our constraints, traverse boundaries, and explore the infinite possibilities that lie both within and beyond ourselves. This exhibition promises to be a transformative experience, a journey into the sublime world of a true artistic visionary, leaving indelible imprints on the hearts and minds of those fortunate enough to bear witness.

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