We are a contemporary art platform, created to encourage an appreciation and understanding of all types contemporary Visual arts by a wide audience.


  • We will consider texts in English language only.
  • We don’t consider pieces for publication that have already been written!

What we publish: We publish original articles with a clear Visual arts angle that focus on the intersection of visual culture with contemporary realities, phenomenons, understanding. Magazine showcases a fusion of new contemporary, emerging as well distinguished artists, with a spotlight on inspiring experience from around the world.


What We’re Looking For: articles on contemporary Visual arts: reviews, interview, essay, studio visits and any others adventurous types of articles (range from 500–1500 words).


How to submit:

Please make sure that your email is clearly labelled “SUBMISSION” in the subject line and flag if it is a time-sensitive story. 

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  2. Brief description of your work and a short BIO (up to 150 words)
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  5. A few (from 3 to 12) relevant images sized at 1200px wide or larger. We ask that all writers supply copyright-approved images to run alongside their text. Please consider how you might source these images, and specify this when submit.
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